Jig-Up Models I, II & III

This Spiral-Former is „independent“ of pitch!

i.e.: you can make spirals on it in ANY pitch, one after the other…, WITHOUT having to change anything on the machine, except the forming-head (to the given diameter / pitch of you choice)

We use herefor our standard R6-Spiral heads + a fine pitch adjusting component, also from our R6. Thus you ALWAYS receive from our JIG-UP constant, even shaped and uniform spirals. These spirals then consequently entert he pr-punched sheets easily too!

To form Spirals:

Diameter range today is: 6 mm to 38 mm Ø (1/4“ to 1 ½“) – any pitch of you choice! Spiral heads larger than 22 mm, and pitches other than 5 mm being SPECIALS, need to be made to order, also they cost more!

The operator pre-sets the length of the spiral digitally, then the JIG-UP ALWAYS makes „automatically“ and electronically the pre-adjusted and needed length – constantly.

Cutting in the basic unit –I is manual, but can easily be automated by us (against a supplement): by ordering our unit – II.

The JIG-UP can use ALL wires from 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm diameter, galvanized or nylon-coated. Galvanized wires have to run slower as they produce more heat on the former-heads! The user may also need several sized pulleys for his whole Ø-range.

As the JIG-UP is made with components of our INDUSTRIAL R6-Spiral binder (automatic unit), it is VERY heavy duty and can be used for several shifts per day. In warm countries one uses a normal ventilator with it: to cool the forming heads (this as spiral-forming generates heat that needs cooling back to normal room temperature).

If Auto-Packing for pre-set lengths is built in (our unit III), you have to order the machine for a certain MAXI length of spirals, standard being 330 mm. Specials up to 1.65 meters can be ordered extra for units I & II – but not for Auto-Packing!

The JIG-UP, including ist 4 legs is easy to assemble with only 6 screws and is very simple to use and maintain. It needs 380V./3ph. current.

It can also come fully assembled in a slightly larger crate.