R7 „hybride“ – a new concept!

High performance automatic binder for PVC-coils and metal wires in one single machine!

This machine is operated by only one single person.

With PVC-filaments and in auto-modus R7 „hybride“ binds with coils up to 25mm Ø aprox. 500 booklets/hour. In case of smaller diameters (i.e. 16 mm) some customers in USA regularly bind 500-600 booklets/ hour with this machine today.

The „hybride“ model of R7 can also bind with metal wires. For this application the bookbinder needs a kit, that can easily be mounted on top of the R7. With such an adapter the machine forms and binds metal spirals itself up to 32 mm Ø. This combination in auto-modus is also operated by a single person!

For PVC-coils SWIGRAPH can supply an In-Line adapter that enables a fully automatic connection of the SWI-50 PVC-Former to the R8-PVC Auto-Binder.

SWIGRAPH can supply such production lines at a very attractive price-performance relationship. In view of such unique features, well known european and american companies have adopted this modular unit R7 or R8-PVC.