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For High-Speed Auto-Binding DBLoop-Wires

This advanced, high speed binding machine delivers over 1'000 pcs./hr of ready bound booklets or calendars – with or without automatically formed and inserted wire-hangers. It’s automation has been further enhanced by incorporationg in the Auto-Cycle of this already well know machine an ejection system that automtically transports the finished, bound booklets or calendars via exit-conveyors to the packing station behind the machine. SWIGRAPH AG has a long experience on such ejection systems already used in their spiral-binding machines, providing as much as +35-40% more output, by simply saving on the cycle-time by the said ration.

This Auto-Ejection can be switched ON or OFF according to the job at hand and the preference of the operator. Straight hanger-rods are filled in the hopper of the calendar-hanger former and autoinserter, to provide ready-formed hangers in the 2 still open halves of the DBLoop-binding. Then the latter is closed to a perfect O-shape by 10 interchangeable moulds, ( ¼“ to 1“ Ø) which sofar have been proven to be best closing tools for DBLoop, due to the advantage they provide even to laterally fine-set the 2 half-moulds.

The machine runs on 230V. single ph. and 6 bar compressed air – provided by the user.

The NEW SWI 590 Enhancement of our existing successful DBLoop Auto-Binder serie.

The unit still binds all DBLoop diameters from ¼“ to 1“ but at a higher speed – due to its auto-ejection of bound booklets and calendars on an exit-conveyor.

Just place the perforated sheets on the work-table of the SWI-590 and the machine does the rest of the binding-procedure for you, quickly and automatically!