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Automatic Stacker

  • suitable for connection to any conveyor exit.

  • piles up and jogs the arriving sheets automatically up to 450mm (1.5ft) height on small Roll-on/Roll-off pallets which allow, after banding, easy transport to the next working station, considering the weight of a pile of 500 x 500mm.

  • the electronic controls are absolutely independent from the preceding station or machine.

  • A special, more complex model-V: for staggered OR uniformstacking on the pallet is available upon special order.

  • mains: 230 Volts, 1-phase, AC,50/60 Cy

Technical Data:

machine dim.:
70 x 87 x 106 cm
case dim.:
80 x 100 x 130 cm
weight net / gross:
80 / 120 kgs