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Paper-edge reinforcer
(with heat-seal)

for sizes: minim. A5 – max. B4 productivity: aprx. 3'000 sheets per hour

The unit works with Heat-Sensitive, 14mm wide tapes on rolls of 10’000ft. (3’000m). This is sufficient for aprox. 10'000 pcs A4-size (or 14'200 pcs A5-size) reinforced sheets.

Colours: clear, or gold resp. silver are standard, but tapes of any colour can be delivered.

We can also deliver such tapes with a continuous „pre-printed logo“ for security reasons, or advertising. This can be provided on clear or coloured tapes (see samples sent).

An automatic feeder on the machine presents the loaded sheets singly (pile of aprx. 300 sheets e.g. of 80 grs), which meet the oncoming, digitally „pre-cut“ tape before the heated rollers. As the advance of both is step-motor controlled, there is no variation on the „point of first contact“ between sheets and tape, meaning the location of the pre-cut tape (with a mm-exact digital setting of lengths being cut), on the sheet is always at the chosen place !

E.g. for an A4 sheet of 297mm, one can pre-select & pre-set a tape length of e.g. 295mm, to constantly leave only 1mm at each end non-reinforced.

Also the thermostat-controlled temperature of the heated rollers is digitally preset, thus allowing fort he use of several surfaces or thickness of paper or half-board to be set and reinforced. So up to 200-240 grs. half-board can be easily reinforced with RV-300.

We can also – at delivery, fit the controls of the machine with a backwards-counter, i.e. to provide a Batch-Control during production, as sheets are continually added to the machine fort he top of the pile, whilst the unit draws the single sheets to be reinforced from the bottom of the pile.


SWIGRAPH can also deliver the RV-300 fit in-line with a standard punch of ours, with interchangeable dies of your choice, be it for 2, 3, 4 or „universal pattern“ being punched automatically after the sheets exit from reinforcing.