For Calendar-hangers 70 to 400 mm (2 ½” to 16 ½”) in length.

A new fully automatic, digital wire-hanger maker for galvanised or nylon-coated wires, for all kinds of calendar bindings: DOUBLE-LOOP or spiral. HANGY-MATIC is used as an independent, fully-automatic unit, to manufacture loose, heavy gauge wire hangers (with or without buckle), for stocking and/or resale, or for immediate insertion in calendars being automatically bound on In-Line equipment.
Productivity: 3’500 to 4'500 pcs/hr. depending on length manufactured. Straight hangers (no buckle) having always a faster output ! 230/380 V, 3-ph., 1 kW, + compressed air 75 PSI (5 Atm) needed. HANGY-MATIC is practical and very economical ! Therefore ideal for large calendar producers or distributors on a given market or exporters of calendar hangers.