R6 Metall / Eco & Hooky

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Automatic Spiral binder

(for nylon-coated or galvanised wires 0,8 – 1,6mm Ø). Spiral-range:

6 to 30 mm Ø (1/4″ to 1 3/16″). Inner diameters up to 45 mm (1 1/2″) Ø are possible with model ′AL′ ! This machine has been proven world-wide for many years, and is based on solid, reliable, precise spiral formers and a rotating & driven 3-roller force-feeding system that guarantees a spiral entry in the perforated holes of the sheets with utmost regularity. R6 comes equipped with 2 tempered knives for automatic cutting/ simultaneous bending of the 2 spiral ends. Max. working width is: 570 mm (22 7/8″) or 440mm (17 1/3”) with unlimited sheet lengths. Productivity varies according to book-diameter, installed ejection options and dexterity of operator. It’s output reaches over 600 pcs./hr (tested with A5 booklets & 16 mm diameter) with a single operator.

Options:HOOKY®: (div. patents), our cost-efficient, automatic hanger-former (uses a central spiral-loop to form an integrated hanger); ABZ: pneumatic auto-ejection of bound calendars/booklets onto a conveyor belt towards the packing station in the back, and at wish Auto-Exit 180° turntable at exit.